Side By Side

from Walter's Surprise by Mainström



Too numb, too weak, wonder why I'm in this state
Am I just reflecting you? Signs of resign of us two
We both know it
Who's the first who will act?
Am I dumb, blind, stupid, sick?
Don't wanna drift apart you

For you I'd walk around the world
Just wonder why I'm stuck

Side by side, we walk on by
Not being able to put off our blinds

Side by side
No cross but parallel lines

Two numbs in one town, seems like two different worlds
You want me to come around
but I got no time now

For you I'd cancel everything
But somehow I don't

Side by side, but a distance in our minds
We keep on doing what we did all the time

Side by side
no cross but parallel lines

Close but no cigar we'll never find us
I gave up searching, I can't find you

Side by side
no cross but parallel lines

Words by Angie


from Walter's Surprise, released October 28, 2015




Mainström Stuttgart, Germany

Punkband mit Frontfrau – wer glaubt sich den Rest denken zu können,
kennt Mainström noch nicht.
Minimal invasive Disharmonien kombiniert mit gesellschaftstauglichen
Hooklines und massivem Schießbudengetrommel bilden die Grundlage
für eine strömgitarrentypische Punkrockshow. Mit 100% recycelten
Riffs aus den 90er Jahren erinnern Mainström an die klassischen Vertreter der Skatepunkszene.
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